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Why some people in the presidency allegedly dislike the Acting President

A source in the presidency has revealed why some close aides of President Buhari allegedly dislike Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

According to Daily Post, the source said that the aides feel some people on Osinbajo’s team are spreading lies about them.

The source said “While I am not aware if the President’s team has met to complain  about this to the AP, they are not happy with the way he is acting as if everything is normal.”

Adding that “In truth, Prof. Osinbajo has been singled out as an excellent man and someone that has proven to be a great choice of second in command. Unfortunately, those around him act on their own perception and promote discord in the media.

“I can authoritatively tell you that phone calls have been intercepted by Prof. Osinbajo’s aides/associates, telling editors what to put in the paper; telling news sites publishers how they want story to appear; making some disclosures to outsiders.

“When this intelligence was provided, the President Buhari’s men believe there is a calculated move to split the presidency. But this is not from Prof. Those behind this are forces outside the presidency dictating to the AP’s men.

“What I know is that the division in the presidency is clear and you will recall the recent development where Prof. Osinbajo said something and some officials were said to have disagreed.

“In terms of performance, Prof. Osinbajo is highly regarded and even though not all that he does may go well with some people, many officials score him high.

“But this issue of his people trying to make him look like a victim because President Buhari is away in the UK , is not being taken lightly. You are in the media, how many news have you seen against the AP?


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“So why would some people be doing such against those they believe are the ‘cabal’. Those behind this in the presidency and their collaborators outside must watch it because their cover has been blown. If they didn’t know, let them know now.”

Ag. President Psinbajo on a recent trip to Calabar


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