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Lagos makes Yoruba language compulsory in secondary and tertiary institutions

The Lagos State government has now made it compulsory for all students seeking admission into the state’s tertiary institutions to have at least credit in Yoruba Language. The Yoruba Language Preservation and Promotion law provides that all the laws in the state “will be translated into Yoruba Language. Moreso, all state-owned tertiary institutions

“I attended a Yoruba wedding alone and I regretted it”

Here’s a story of how I once made the grave mistake of trying to enjoy the pleasures of a Yoruba wedding party all by myself. I’d gotten a personal invite to the ceremony held in June 2017, alright, but I should have known better than trying to go all by myself. I

Yoruba leaders reject cattle colonies, back ranching

Yoruba leaders in the South-West geopolitical zone, under the aegis of the Yoruba Summit, on Thursday opposed the establishment of cattle colonies proposed by the Federal Government. The leaders expressed their opposition to the colonies during an extra-ordinary session of the summit held in Lagos on Thursday against the backdrop of

Nigerian guy proposes to his girlfriend of 15 years (photos)

Nigerian guy proposes to his girlfriend of 15 years (photos)

Don’t you just love a couple who have dated for quite a long time… There have been several memes on Social as regards long-term courtship.. But Fara and Demi have stood the test tof time, as they’ve been dating since their high school days. “Fara and Demi met in Secondary School. For


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