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The Yoruba people has long been particular about their culture and how they are being portray by the outside world.They are a nation with solid cultural foundation that is firm and cannot be distorted.Our culture is one of the culture that deals with dignity and honour and it is being passed on from one generation to the other.

In the yoruba culture there are some specific choices of words that are used to qualify some certain act of credibility of an individual.In a yoruba community,there is a special status that is revered both by the elders and the youths,this status is called the OMOLUABI STATUS.

This is not a title giving,but a titled that is earn due to the individual dignity and honourable act of a person and confirmed by the community and the society as a whole.

The word OMOLUABI itself is cropped” from the full yoruba words OMO TI OLU IWA BI,(the child that was gave birth to by the lord of character ).

Anyone that is regarded as omoluabi must possess some certain attributes which honesty,fidelity,trustworthiness,compassionate and good moral background and more should be part of Omoluabi is seen as a symbol of respect and pride,because people will always want to associated or be liken to such fellow.

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Anytime matters arises in a community that calls for someone to represent the community or the neighbourhood either in the kings palace or at goverment level,Omoluabi is the person that will be nominated to go represent the people,because they have trust in such fellow that he or she will represent them well in the higher place and will also stand for the benefits of the masses and what will improve the neighbourhood and the community as a whole.

We have so many Omoluabi(s) both home and in the diaspora,representing the Yoruba Nation and making us proud around the globe.It is the primary duty of every Omo Odua(child of Oduduwa) both home and abroad to be Omoluabi,because that is what our ancestors are,and that is what they expect from us and even want us to pass on to our offsprings.

This is because the Yoruba nation is a nation rooted in a well respected cutural background and tradition,and we must continue to fly the flag higher and represent the realness that comes from the originality of our lineage.

We are great people,with colorful cutural heritage.we are more than just a tribe,we are a NATION,we come from the dynasty of kings and queens,we are warriors and great sons and daughters of our ancestors,WE ARE OMOLUABIS AND WE ARE PROUD.


Written By Shola Ola.

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