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Nigerian Man Strips Naked After Being Stopped By Police In Italy. Photos

A Nigerian man stripped naked after being stopped by police officers in Corso Garibaldi, Milan in Italy. According to reports, the 24-year-old Nigerian migrant was stopped after he increased his pace and tried to run on sighting police officers on patrol duty.

It was gathered that after the police stopped him, they asked him of his documents before he allegedly responded aggressively.

In the course of the police searching him, he undressed himself and stripped naked while screaming and cursing them in a Nigerian language, according to police reports.

It was scooped that despite the embarrassment, the policemen still requested he showed them his complete papers but he continued cursing them in his mother tongue.

The policemen were forced to arrest and take him to the station were he was detained.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man was arrested  alongside two other migrants in connection with the murder of Desirée Mariottini, a 16-year-old girl found dead in Rome, Italy last week.

According to reports, two Senegalese nationals aged 26 and 43 were reportedly held overnight.  A third suspect, a 40-year-old Nigerian, was detained.

The three are expected to be charged with group sexual violence, voluntary manslaughter and drug dealing. All three are reported to have previous convictions for drug dealing.

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