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Nigerian Man narrates how he met his wife and did wedding introduction on the same day

A Nigerian Guy identified on Facebook as Sochi InfiniTi has narrated how he met his wife, and his story will give you chills!

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I saw her pictures somewhere in 2014.

Something strikes my heart that she is the one but the fear of the unknown keep slapping my fearful face🤦🏻‍♂️

Getting her attention was like passing Waec because she never gave me the chance to come closer. A girl has never frustrated me like she did on Facebook.

I kept pressing on but she keeps turning me down for months with frustrations.

I decided to come back to Nigeria and requested to see her face to face which she agreed but on one condition that I come to PH and see her in her father’s house
Na so I put hand for head. ayemi Temi bami

You know we guys like to invite babes to our one corner for testing the microphone.

Infact I vex reach down but after some days, her family travelled to the village for Xmas and to worsen the situation, she told me to come to their village so we can see briefly.

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I wanted to give up but still convinced that she is the one for me but remember I have not seen this girl in person oo.

I decided to take it to the next level with her.

I called her that I am coming with my people to see her parents but she thought I was joking.

I called my dad and Mum, Emeka Victor. We bought some drinks and my parent agreed to follow but never knew it was a Blind date/ Blind introduction.

To make it short, we arrived at their compound and Inomeque Ogbupia my father Inlaw came out to welcome his unknown guest. funny right?

We came in and introduced ourselves,brought out drinks and stated our mission, my wife was certainly confused because she never believed what was happening though she thought it was all a joke or a game from abroadians.

Oh the Beautiful Mother Inlaw Chinwe Ogbupia came out to welcome us and my wife was still confused and she was all smiling but hiding in a room. Omo suspense full my body. make the girl no come dey disfigured ooo.

Finally she came out and omg, my heart almost jumped out of my innocent body upon seeing the beauty she possessed.
She gave her consent and hugged me with smiles.
Remember that was the first time I saw and met her. Same day I did my introduction sharply before story go enter because I don’t like what I hate.

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At that point, my kidney, lever, lungs and heart returned to their original positions.

I left the country back to base and came back few months after for my wedding and today this beautiful woman has given me 2 beautiful children. She is so loyal and has never disappointed me. She is the best any man could wish for.

Infact she is rated No1 in my family. Men and Women loves her so much. My mum and Dad adores her.

Let me blow your bubbles fam, for 3years now, We had no major quarrel because we are quick to corrections. No one has settled any dispute for us. (Infact I can’t remember having any dispute with her)

Facebook fam, Sometimes it works here and no need to date long before you are convinced she is the one.

I Love you wify and happy anniversary to us.

Pls Share and wish us well


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