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Newborn Baby Rescued Alive After Being Dumped In A Septic Tank By Mother. Photos

An abandoned newborn girl has been rescued from a deep septic tank full of human waste after her cries alerted a woman who was about to use the toilet.

The tiny baby was discovered at the bottom of the tank in a southern Guatemalan village after she was apparently thrown and left to die by her mother, say reports.

The National Civil Police (PNC) was called after a 48 year-old woman was shocked to suddenly hear a baby “screaming” from the ground when she was about to use her toilet, according to Publinews.

A group of officers had been on patrol in the village of Rio de la Virgen, in Jutiapa, when they were asked to investigate.

The woman rushed over and told them a baby girl was alive in a deep septic tank nearby, which is about four metres deep.

Local media said the cop found the baby, reportedly up to 20 days old, and lifted her to safety before she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Medics said the girl is in a stable condition and that they considered it a “miracle” she had survived not only being dropped into the deep tank, but being left in dangerous human waste.

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Police have launched an investigation into the case and are working to try and identify the girl’s mother, who is believed to have knowingly left her baby in the tank.

The owner of the property told Publinews she did not know where the baby had come from, or who the child’s parents are.


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