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New born baby dumped at refuse dump in Igando, Lagos.

Residents of Igando were shocked after they discovered a baby abandoned inside the notorious refuse dump in the area in Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the new born baby was wrapped with cloth, covered in a bag and dumped there by an unknown mother.

The baby who must have been dumped at night was found in the morning when some scavengers who frequent the dump site to pick scraps got about their normal business.

The source said that the baby who was found alive, was rescued and taken to a nearby General Hospital where the baby was kept at intensive care unit. It was not yet known if the baby had survived because the eye witness said the baby had cried so much, lost voice and became weak.

The residents who spoke on the incident rained cursed on such person that might have dumped the innocent baby there, as they described such conduct as cruel.
They reasoned that if the mother did not want the baby, she would have quietly dropped the baby at the orphanage centre than treat such human life without dignity.

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They suspected that the mother might have dumped the baby in the night or very early in the morning when the scavengers had left the place. They decried the terrible situation of the dump which they claimed had been there for several years unattended to. It was learnt that the odour oozing out from there was a health hazard to the residents who lived close to the site.

“Sometimes people drop refuse very close to the high way because nobody controlled what was happening there” a resident said.

When our correspondent visited Igando Police Division, the DPO was not around to comment on the incident.

However, a source at the police station told P.M.EXPRESS that there was no formal report on such incident he was aware of. The General Hospital staff could not reached for comments except the security men who declined to speak to our reporter.

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