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Lagos makes Yoruba language compulsory in secondary and tertiary institutions

The Lagos State government has now made it compulsory for all students seeking admission into the state’s tertiary institutions to have at least credit in Yoruba Language.

The Yoruba Language Preservation and Promotion law provides that all the laws in the state “will be translated into Yoruba Language. Moreso, all state-owned tertiary institutions are to incorporate the use of Yoruba Language in the General Studies (GNS) courses.

It also states that any school found wanting in this will be sanctioned by the Education Boards of the Lagos State government.

The use of Yoruba language shall be an acceptable means of communication between individuals, establishment, corporate entities and government in the state if so desired by the concerned. It shall not be an offence for a person to speak Yoruba language by the state government,” the law reads in part.

Specifically, the law stated that any school in Lagos State that “fails to comply with the provisions of Section 2 commits an offence and is liable on first violation to issuance of warning and on subsequent violation be closed down and also pay a fine of N500,000.”
 A public opinion was sought on this subject matter and so many Lagos residents commended the government for this bold move. As this will serve as a means to preserve the Yoruba language and also imbibe the culture of speaking the language in students within the state.

According to Mr Adeyemi, who is an IT expert:

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“This is the law that the government should have enacted for a very long time. I am so surprised that it is coming at this moment. For instance, my kids hardly understand Yoruba language despite being on Yoruba origin. I think The Government of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has a pass mark on this”

Another woman identified as Mama Junior says:

“It is a pity that mot children of nowadays cannot only speak Yoruba, but they can’t write too. This move by the government will change that, am very sure”
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