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Hard work pays my bills and not what other people think – Tayo Sobola

Popular actress, Tayo Sobola, who has been trailed with her own share of the usual controversies that celebrities face, has come out to say she works hard for the money she makes and this pays her bills and not what other people think about her.

In a chat , the Nollywood actress spoke about the source of her money.


“I am a very hard-working person and everybody who knows me can attest to that. I’m always thinking of fresh ideas and I’m always on the move. I am usually so busy that I don’t even have time to consider what anybody is saying somewhere.

“There have been lots of untrue things written about me but I have just decided not to react. I keep my eyes on my goals and I keep moving. Those who want to talk can keep doing that while we soar.”

It was widely reported at a time that the expensive lifestyle Tayo Sobola lives cannot be funded by the money she makes in acting. So many people are of the believe that she is probably into other shady activities. Some even alleged she is into old men and rich politicians, as they are only the set of people that can fund her luxurious and extravagant lifestyle,

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In her response to that allegation, the actress said:

“By now, you should know that most actors don’t survive on acting fees alone. There are a lot of other things involved. In the industry, there are endorsements, appearances and other services you can render with your brand.

“You can also engage in other businesses outside the entertainment industry. Though the economic situation of the country is not so good, there are lots of opportunities out there. You just have to open your eyes.”



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