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Fetish Model Reveals How She Makes Money By Selling Her Used Socks To Fans.

A young woman working as a foot fetish model has revealed that she earns almost £100,000 a year by selling used socks and trainers to her fans.

After someone complemented her on the ‘beauty’ of her feet, Roxy Sykes, 33, realised that she could break her way into the unusual erotic industry.

The property-investor decided to set up an Instagram page to see how true the interest in her feet was, and after reaching over 10,000 followers in a month decided to listen to her ‘fans’.

Roxy, from London, then started selling shoes and socks on her social media accounts for £20 per pair of socks, and £200 for shoes.

Having been in the business for four years now, Roxy claims she can earn up to £8,000 in a busy month.

Roxy said: ‘After being told by a colleague that I had beautiful feet, I was convinced to set up a social media account to show them off.

‘But it wasn’t until I started getting thousands of followers and messages about selling used items that I realised I could profit from it. ‘I didn’t show my face or anything at first, so I knew people were just interested in me for my feet, so it didn’t feel too personal.

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‘But when I started selling I got a real buzz from it, and realised just how much I could make from selling shoes and socks from time to time. ‘I realised how much money I could truly make on my busiest month, where I saw over £8000 come in just for videos, socks and shoes.

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