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About Olamide And His #ScienceStudent SONG. A Writer’s View

I saw a video yesterday where a concerned man called for the Authorities to ban Olamide’s song that promotes drug abuse. It was a passionate appeal. I hear him and as a parent myself I feel his pain. However, ban is never the solution.

How do you ban Google, YouTube and Facebook? All the talking will not solve the problem. It’s a culture war. Until there are alternatives, until good people invest in wholesome media contents and present it with enough excellence that can compete with Olamide’s trash, until we stop shying away from being a major part of the entertainment industry, Olamide and the likes will thrive. Nature abhors vacuum.

Sit with Christian media productions (TV stations, movies, music etc.) and the mediocrity will make you puke. Yet we build mega buildings and invest in irrelevances when culture formation and transformation which is our main mandate is left on the back burners. The ones that can afford excellence spend more than half their airtime asking for money. I can’t remember when last I flipped my channel to a Christian station. I’ll rather enjoy my akproko with Wendy Williams.
Entertainment is a valid human need including believers. I look forward to when churches will own sports club, when churches won’t only use their social media handles to advertise their programs or debate tithes, when believers will come together to host wholesome entertainment shows.
Olamide is not the problem. The devil will always do his work. The good people not doing theirs is the issue and calling for a ban is not the solution. You can’t police or change a culture without providing a counter culture. Olamide isn’t a new concept. It used to be Obesere. Who would it be tomorrow?
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